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Earth Day Tokyo

Thank you for your support at Earth Day Tokyo during the weekend.
37 sets of charity back numbers were sold, a total of 18500 yen, which will be donated to NPOs in Tohoku through the Think the Earth Fund.

We were at the “Earth Summit 2012” booth, which is a voluntary organization that is gathering voices from all around Japan to bring to the Rio Summit in 2012.  Many people stopped by to write their ideas for a sustainable society and to find out more about the Rio Summit.

The Earth Day seemed to be a big success too, although Saturday was quite damp and windy. The weather was great on Sunday as if to take back for Saturday.

There was also a parade during the festival.

What was interesting about the parade was that it was calling out for an “Energy Shift.” Traditional demonstrations usually protest against something, in this case, nuclear power, however this parade was calling out for a shift of energy source. When we protest against something, it often falls into an endless debate: “Stop all nuclear power plants at once” VS “Are you going to stand power shortage and higher energy price?” – this is a classic example of what has been argued for ages in Japan. But when we call out for a shift, we then open our thoughts to a new and longer goal. How can we shift our energy to 100% natural sources? And by when? How can each one of us take place in this? I liked the idea of making a fun mood with a truck in the front playing country music and people walking with flowers in hand. I hope this can make a new trend in Japan to move toward a new energy source— fast.

Reina Otsuka
Article by
Reina is the Editor-in-chief of eco+waza magazine and website. Her first encounter with environmental issues was at the age of 10, when she caught asthma and started to research about air pollution. With a cultural background of both the U.S. and Japan, and after traveling around 30 countries, she seeks to share the green wisdom Japan has to offer.
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