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Flower to Your Heart

Join the Hana Project with eco+waza and bring smiles to your kitchen and the earthquake affected areas!

The Hana Project, started from an idea by designer Misato Nakamura, is a project to give senior members of the community a simple and cheerful task that contributes to rebuilding Tohoku.

The system is very simple. eco+waza prepares acrylic yarns and knitting sticks. Volunteer staff will go up to evacuation centers or temporary housing areas to teach how to knit flower-shaped dish scrubbers through a workshop style.

The first workshop took place at Sendai’s Okada Elementary School. Knitting is a surprisingly good way of gathering and talking. Seniors and younger people without full time jobs gathered around to learn how to make the dish scrubber. There’s always an almost-professional-knitter, and in the end, the volunteer staff are the ones learning! Everyone sits around, and talk about many things. 

Here’s the first ‘bouquet’ of ‘hana’.
eco+waza buys the scrubbers by cash on the spot and bring them back to Tokyo. The knitting kit will be a present to the participants to continue.

The ‘hana’ will be available at stores, on the internet, and at events.
They can be used at home, or even as small presents at wedding parties! (Three for 1000 Yen. Please contact us through the contact form.)


A cheerful addition to any kitchen, these knit acrylic scrubbies clean well without the need for loads of dish soap. The small round ‘flower’ make perfect dish scrubbers, and a tag bearing the makers name accompanies each one.

The project is not yet complete. Buyers are encouraged to not only scrub merrily away, but also drop the makers in Tohoku a note of thanks and support by sending an email or letter to the eco+waza editors. 

Your kind note will then be delivered to the person who made the scrubber. We are wishing that the cycle of flower can bloom a smile in your kitchen and those who are looking forward to creating a new life.

Contact eco+waza to:
1. Buy and support the “Hana” acrylic dish washers
2. Join the volunteer team

ecotwaza editor
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Eco+waza is two words but one philosophy: "eco," of course, stands forecology and the environment, while waza is Japanese for "skill," "art" or"technique." It is the combination of these two ideas that defines-andinspired-the creation of eco+waza. It is also what drives us to find thevery best eco products, ideas and solutions that Japan has to offer. We aimto bring people around the world "Inspired Green Living from Japan."
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