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Oct. 26-Aromatherapy Workshop with Aroma from Japanese Forests

Join us to our special workshop of the month, “Aromatherpay Workshop with Aroma from Japanese Forests.”

Essential oils which extracted from various plants and said to have therapeutic efficacies to human body and mind were first born in Europe, then used in the aromatherapy.  They were brought to Japan in 1970’s, then became popular.

Since ancient times, the Japanese also had knowledge to use local plants in everyday life. For example, one used a strip of bark from a Mizume cherry blossom tree to apply to the affected part of the body like a cold compress.  In fact, Mizume cherry blossom contain a substance, called methyl salicylate, which is also found in commercialized cold compresses. Without scientific reasoning, people just knew the plant’s efficacy from their experiences.

Though aromatherapy has become very popular in Japan, most of essential oils are imported. Yet essential oils can be extracted from local plants in Japan, such as yuzu citron, camellia, shell ginger, and native trees.

We will use “yuica” essential oils from the Japanese forests.


Date/Time: Oct. 26, 2011 7:00-8:30PM (90 min.)

Place: Minato-ku Ecoplaza (JR Hamamatsu-cho / Tokyo Metro Daimon)

Instructor: Naoko Kawashima

Participation fee: 3,500 JPY*`

*including massage oil to be made during the workshop and a special recipe for room spray

Limited seats available: Max 20

RSVP necessary: e-mail us at info@ecotwaza.com or call 03 6447 1087


1. What is Japanese “Aroma”? (30 min.)

2. Efficacy of made-in-Japan essential oil to human body and mind (15 min.)

3. Hand massage workshop using yuica essential oil brends -for you and your love ones- (45 min.)


ecotwaza editor
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Eco+waza is two words but one philosophy: "eco," of course, stands forecology and the environment, while waza is Japanese for "skill," "art" or"technique." It is the combination of these two ideas that defines-andinspired-the creation of eco+waza. It is also what drives us to find thevery best eco products, ideas and solutions that Japan has to offer. We aimto bring people around the world "Inspired Green Living from Japan."
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