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Japanese gardening philosophy in small potting ‘yoseue’

Sho = pine tree
Chiku = bamboo
Bai = plum tree

Above three plants are known to represent “good luck” and “happiness” in Japan. Given this, Sho Chiku Bai are used for New Year’s decoration. If you are free on this coming Saturday, Dec. 8th, and happen to be around Tokyo, why don’t you come join Mr. Sakai’s New Year’s ‘good luck’ potting workshop.

Yasushi Sakai, landscape architect of Japanese garden, says; “landscape gardening is entertainment.” Traditionally Japanese landscape gardening is to express a spirit to live in harmony with nature and to be a part of the ecological system. This is why Japanese garden is often refereed to as miniature or recreation of a natural scenery. It is not only about one moment, it is also about how it changes with seasons. Replicating the ‘change’ is also part of Japanese gardening.

However, “while creating natural scenery in a garden, we can’t forget that it still remains artificial as long as it is created by human hands,” says Sakai. He adds that recognizing the reality, it is also landscape gardener’s role to bring fun and comfort to the work. After all, gardening is for people. The garden’s ultimate purpose is to bring joy and moving emotions to them.

While he devotes his energy to gardening, he sometimes organizes ‘yoseue’ potting workshop. Even a small pot of plants and flowers can express the natural world, by borrowing from it and taking small part of it. Before sophisticated talk over Japanese gardening philosophy and techniques, Sakai believes that if one moves their hands and feel the soil and plants, one gets it.

Going back to Sho Chiku Bai, Sakai is organizing New Year’s ‘Yoseue’ Potting workshop. Potting workshop can be a great start for those who are interested in traditional Japanese gardening. Those who wanted to make hand-made decoration for the Holiday, it may also be a good opportunity.

Sho Chiku Bai ‘Yoseue’ Potting Workshop

Date and Time: Saturday, December 8th, 2012 2:00PM-
Place: Bell Garden (In Home Center Suzuki) @ Ikuta Station (Odakyu Line)
Address: 3-3-8 Kuriya Tama-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa
Instructor: Yasushi Sakai
Fee: 5,000 JPY

In this workshop, Sakai teaches you various gardening techniques to apply to potting ‘yoseue.’ On New Year’s day, you will probably be able to enjoy beautiful, white plum flowers.

RSVP Please register in advance by e-mailing to info@ecotwaza.com with title; “New Year’s Potting Workshop.” You will be asked to pay at the door before the event.
★ main language: Japanese (Yet Sakai speaks a little English, so do not worry too much, just come join!)

Nanao Sonobe
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