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OIGEN’s newest collection-k.i.w.a-

The website of OIGEN’s latest collection ‘k.i.w.a’ is now opened. Click here

OIGEN revealed k.i.w.a collection to the world at the one of the biggest gift shows held last year in summer, New York International Gift Fair 2012. (featured in past blog: click here)

While OIGEN is known for tea ceremony items, such as ‘tetsubin (kettle)’ and tea pot, and cookware, k.i.w.a is to expand possibility of cast-ironware in interior and home décor.

k.i.w.a will be exhibited at Ambiente 2013 (Frankfurt, Germany), opening its door on Feb. 15th for 5 days.

Booth: Hall 1.1. E18 (in the booth of T. Nishikawa & Co., Inc.)


As k.i.w.a’s concept says;

The product of your desires.
Let intuition speak for your heart

k.i.w.a will be available for sales from this spring. Stay tuned!

Website: http://kiwa.oigen.jp/jp/
Designer: Yoshifumi Kohyama (D-C-U-P)
Producer: Hiroshi Nakamura (Kizuna Research)
Techinical director: Hideharu Oikawa (Oigen)
Manufacturer: Oigen Foundry Co., Ltd.

Nanao Sonobe
Article by
8 Responses to “OIGEN’s newest collection-k.i.w.a-”
  1. Chaz より:

    HOW,and WHERE can we get Oigen Tetsubins in the U.S.A.????

    • Ecotwaza より:

      Hi Chaz,
      Thank you for your question. We know that OIGEN is selling their tea pots to some shops in US, but not too sure about Tetsubin (tea kettles). We will check with them and get back to you via e-mail.

  2. vip より:

    Where can we get Oigens new cast iron pots including the Testsubin in the USA?
    Can they be ordered online?

    • admin より:

      Hi Vipin, thank you for the comment. Yes the pots can be ordered online and shipped to the US. I will email you about details. Talk soon, Reina

  3. Phillip より:

    I would also like to purchase a cast iron tetsubin kettle and trivet. Any help for ordering in the USA would be much appreciated!

    I’m interested in these two items in particular:


    • admin より:

      Hi Phillip,
      Thank you for the comment. Sure we can help you order from the US. I will email you directly from our corporate mail (the latter part is @ecotwaza.com, different from our URL) about the price and shipping fee. Payment can be done via Paypal, and we ship via Air mail or surface. Talk soon,

      • Mary より:

        I am searching for Oigen cast iron teapots and accessories for my tea store. I would love to know where to find these teapots. Thank you very much!

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