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Natural Wood Kitchen Play Set

A kitchen play set made from cypress, cedar and other wood sourced in Kochi and handcrafted at local Straw Farm studio, where the characteristics of each wood is enhanced through skilled craftsmanship. Touching different wood will help your child nurture appreciation to forests and trees. Great to touch and designed for small hands, these exciting toys are sure to enchant young... Read More

Easy Scooping Bowl

From a company that got its start as a custom wheelchair manufacturer comes this tableware series made in collaboration with an Arita-yaki pottery manufacturer. The rich tradition of Arita-yaki pottery is combined with a design that is both fashionable and easy to use for people of all ages. This round bowl has a rim that protrudes inwards, making it easy to keep food on the spoon.... Read More

Stationery Made of Thinned Wood

Many Japanese forests are planted forests, which means it has to be maintained and thinned once in a while to grow into a healthy forest. Due to aging of foresters and cheaper imported timber, abandoning of forests are becoming a large problem. The cedar forest around Tsuyama-cho, Miyagi, was about become one of these forests, and in order to utilize the thinned wood, craftspeople... Read More

Kon-Niku Manto (Vege. Meat Bun)

Great-tasting, low-calorie, fiber-rich meat alternative made of konjac flour, bananas and bean curd. “Waste not, want not”—at least that is the motto for koniku, the unique Japanese food madeusing leftover residue from the tofu production process, called okara, bananas and konjac flour—a water-soluble, low calorie and cholesterol-reducing powder made from the konjac tuber.... Read More

Cotton Furoshiki

Make the gift of this colorful and versatile furoshiki Furoshiki are beautiful patterned cloth originating in Japan’s Edo period as a convenient, multi-purpose wrap for carrying everything from bathing items (most Japanese back then and some even today used communal baths) to tools and products to sell at the market. Furoshiki were also tucked under futons in most household in... Read More

Paper Vase

Here’s an innovative and stylish—not to mention eco-friendly—use for plastic bottles. Instead of adding to the millions of plastic bottles we throw out each year, try this artistic and inventive product that transforms an everyday PET bottle into a beautiful vase or decorative item. Just slip the specially cut paper over the bottle, and voilà, you have a stunning vase!... Read More

Recycled Oil Soap

This is a soap made from recycled vegetable oil. Used cooking oil recovered from restaurants and school lunch kitchens is filtered with superior purification technology resulting in extremely high-grade fatty acid. This is used to produce an affordable and high-quality recycled soap. The distinctive used oil odor is almost completely eliminated, and the soap lathers beautifully... Read More

Homaekake Work Apron


Beautiful hand-dyed aprons offer slice of Japanese life ‘Homaekake’, or aprons, are part of the traditional uniforms worn in a number of industries in Japan, including sake makers and lumber craftsmen. These robust aprons are not only extremely well-made and beautiful to look at, with their deep colors and vivid dyes, they also help protect your lower back. The town... Read More

Skin Care Towel Made of “Outside” of Silk


  Have you heard about remnant threads from cocoon called “kibiso,” instead of silk? Irregular and robust threads are ones on outside of cocoon to protect silkworms. Since it is rough and not suitable to make soft silk products, kibiso has always been disposed. An obi (kimono belt) company developed a way to make use of this byproduct.  Kibiso is created when a silkworm... Read More

Hinoki Cypress Bath Pail


Natural antibacterial and antifungal cypress bath pail   Famous for its natural antibacterial and antifungal properties, cypress (hinoki) is traditionally used as natural construction materials around plumbing and in damp areas in Japan. This Hinoki Cypress Bath Pail are made with cypress from Shimanto in Kochi Prefecture, which is famous for its waterproof properties. Because... Read More