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Sustainable Living Tips from Japan: A Review of Azby Brown’s Just Enough

Detail of a screen at Koyasan.

Detail of a screen at Koyasan. As the world faces a future of global warming, increasing economic disparity, and a fiery mix of political turmoils, Azby Brown asks us to take a moment to look back to find the solutions. Just Enough: Lessons in Living Green from Traditional Japan (Kodansha, 2009) takes readers on an intimate tour of Edo Period Japan (1603-1898). In it, Brown points... Read More

Living in Tokyo After the Quake 2011-03-17

7th day from the North East Pacific Earthquake While Japan has been receiving supportive messages from all over the World and seeing many articles with positive tones by foreign media, it is a little bit sad to start encountering those ones criticizing the government’s leadership under especially so-called “nuclear crisis.”  Yes it might be true to some extent that the Japanese... Read More

International Distress Signals

Make distress signals visible from the above on building roofs. Request for water and foods : “ F “ Urgent medical attention necessary : “ - “ (One crossbar) In need of medicines : “ = “ (Two crossbars) Secured landing site : “ △ “ (Triangle) In need of fuel, such as lamp oil and gas : “ L “ “We are safe” : “ LL “  Read More

Updates: Earthquake in Japan


Dear international friends and readers, I am Reina, editor-in-chief of eco+waza. This is not an article but a letter from Tokyo to our readers around the world. As you’ve probably seen in the news, Japan is now going through a time of crisis due to the M8.8 earthquake yesterday. We are writing this in hope to provide English information to non-Japanese speakers in Japan and... Read More

Kick-off Event toward the Earth Summit 2012


January 2011, 200 participants gathered at an event “Start moving for the Earth Summit 2012,” held at the Nippon Foundation Building in Toranomon, Tokyo. This event was co-hosted by Earth 2012 Japan and YEN (Youth Environmental Network) as a kick-off event of the third Earth Summit which is to be held in 2012. The event started off with a welcome message from Aron Belinky... Read More

LOHAS in Japan


Swedish journalist Agneta Elmegard stayed five weeks in Japan funded by a scholarship from the Swedish Japan Foundation. Her aim was to study the “lohas” concept in Tokyo and how people in general has adapted the sustainable lifestyle and are approaching the rising environmental questions. She sent eco+waza a report on her stay. LOHAS in Japan: by Agneta Elmegard The... Read More

Big Spring Green Up (2/2)


Big Spring Green Up: Clean Your Home the Green Way (Part 2) Green Clean Your Home With the infinite variety of cleaning products from kitchen through to bathroom, this problem may seem too difficult to overcome but the solution is actually very simple. The secret to green cleaning is to use simple, everyday products right at hand for a variety of purposes. Soapberries, sometimes... Read More

Big Spring Green Up (1/2)


Big Spring Green Up: Clean Your Home the Green Way (Part 1) Living in Japan, you run into plenty of problems around the house and Mom isn’t around to help out. Water quality and lifestyles, a language that’s hard to read, and not being able to find the right kitchen cleaner at the store, for all these problems and more we asked Japanese Moms and got some good, sound advice. 1.... Read More

Striving for a Sustainable Future

BC 1

Earlier this year, the British Council, the UK’s official international cultural relations organsiation, held the“E-idea Competition.” The competition, sponsored by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA), called forbright new ideas to create a more sustainable society for the future. The winning teams pose with representatives from the British Council and Lloyd’s Register... Read More

Minamata Declares Becoming An Eco-tourism City


Minamata City Declares to Become an Eco-tourism Model Region Minamata, as a symbol of environmental movements in Japan, is attracting environmental individuals and businesses not only for vacation but as a place to live in and work at. The city is open to those who wish to start up environment-related businesses. October 2010, an event to introduce the tourism in Minamata was co-hosted... Read More