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Potsu Potsu…the sound of rain


  Potsu Potsu is the sound that rain makes when it hits the ground. Kyu Kyu is the sound that a fabric makes when it is pinched and picked up.   There are the numerous onomatopoeic expressions in Japanese language. k.i.w.a collections are named after such unique depictions of natural phenomenon and movements.   Potsu Potsu and Kyu Kyu are chosen to be exhibited at... Read More

OIGEN’s newest collection-k.i.w.a-


The website of OIGEN’s latest collection ‘k.i.w.a’ is now opened. Click here OIGEN revealed k.i.w.a collection to the world at the one of the biggest gift shows held last year in summer, New York International Gift Fair 2012. (featured in past blog: click here) While OIGEN is known for tea ceremony items, such as ‘tetsubin (kettle)’ and tea pot, and cookware, k.i.w.a... Read More

Japanese gardening philosophy in small potting ‘yoseue’


Sho = pine tree Chiku = bamboo Bai = plum tree Above three plants are known to represent “good luck” and “happiness” in Japan. Given this, Sho Chiku Bai are used for New Year’s decoration. If you are free on this coming Saturday, Dec. 8th, and happen to be around Tokyo, why don’t you come join Mr. Sakai’s New Year’s ‘good... Read More

Enjoy and Experience the Traditional Crafts!


Jasper Morrison, a prominent industrial designer, and OIGEN have collaborated to create a new series Palma! You can see what kind of miracle happen when modern design meets the authentic technique.   The design has been proved by being nominated as a Japan representative for ELLE DECO International Design Awards. This is an award given to the best designer furnishing, selected... Read More

Thanks for gathering!


The first “Fuudo(wind earth) -Food-Fuudo (wind person)” event ended with smiles on everyone’s faces, with special guest chef from Australia presenting some of his signature dish. OIGEN cast iron wares were used in most of the cooking, and participating guests enjoyed the tasty meals using fresh local produce. The event was organized to bring people with different background... Read More

Bye-bye documents, Hello stationery!

Recycling is a useful term, reducing guilt of creating garbage. Many people must think they are doing “good” when they recycle, whether it’s putting the paper out or putting food waste in compost. However, not many of us think what happens after all those “recycle wastes” are collected. What do they turn into? Where do they go? Recycling system and regulations differ from... Read More

Iwate lovers, gather together!


The view from restaurant Laureole Food and Fun for Folks!   Those who love the climate of Iwate, Those who love the food of Iwate, Gather together to share the joy!   OIGEN will be participating in a local event, planned to be held on 15th Oct (Mon) for all those who enjoy the food and the climate of Iwate. Fresh local produce will be prepared in OIGEN’s cast iron cookware... Read More

UMEZUMI at moOD exhibition

Thanks to materiO Belgium, UMEZUMI was presented as one of the innovative materials at moOD exhibition, which took place at Brussels through September 11-13. UMEZUMI is paper made of recycled materials, which means it carries the virtue of paper -foldable, easy to cut, comes in various thickness, and recyclable-  but it can also be sewn together with cloth. We are very eager... Read More

Manufacturing process of ferrous casting: How OIGEN pans reach your table

When one talks about traditional crafts, Nanbu iron cast ware will usually come to mind first. That is how famous it is, and well known. Many people would know what it looks like,but not necessary own one. We learn about it at school in Social Studies classes and it is embedded into our memory as a traditional artwork. To make Nanbu iron ware, there are three steps to it. 1.... Read More

A Few Ideas on How to Use UMEZUMI Paper

A paper made from charcoaled plum seeds. What and how can it be used? People may wonder at first. The crepe paper is glue and resin-free, and can be made into different products and designs. Using its nature of odor absorption and dehumidification, they perform well when used as storage products. Shoe boxes, garment bags, clothes organizers, wherever you want to remove humidity... Read More