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Bye-bye documents, Hello stationery!

Recycling is a useful term, reducing guilt of creating garbage. Many people must think they are doing “good” when they recycle, whether it’s putting the paper out or putting food waste in compost. However, not many of us think what happens after all those “recycle wastes” are collected. What do they turn into? Where do they go? Recycling system and regulations differ from... Read More

UMEZUMI at moOD exhibition

Thanks to materiO Belgium, UMEZUMI was presented as one of the innovative materials at moOD exhibition, which took place at Brussels through September 11-13. UMEZUMI is paper made of recycled materials, which means it carries the virtue of paper -foldable, easy to cut, comes in various thickness, and recyclable-  but it can also be sewn together with cloth. We are very eager... Read More

A Few Ideas on How to Use UMEZUMI Paper

A paper made from charcoaled plum seeds. What and how can it be used? People may wonder at first. The crepe paper is glue and resin-free, and can be made into different products and designs. Using its nature of odor absorption and dehumidification, they perform well when used as storage products. Shoe boxes, garment bags, clothes organizers, wherever you want to remove humidity... Read More

UMEZUMI Invited to BATIMAT 2011

UMEZUMI was invited to BATIMAT 2011, held in Paris last November, as one of the innovative materials to be introduced at the ZOOM area by materiO. It was our pleasure to be able to exhibit a piece of UMEZUMI paper, along with some Ume plum seeds and a few carbonized samples. UMEZUMI is planning to be exhibited at a few other exhibitions in Europe this year and next year. We will... Read More

Recycling Waste into Modern Commodity

  “Plum” is one of the oldest foods consumed in Japan as a health food. Whenever one is tired or sick, we are recommended to eat plumed pickle (Ume-boshi), which helps digestion and removes toxicity in the body. It used to be common for families to pickle their own plums, and they were handed down towards generation to share the homemade taste. Pickled plums can be found in... Read More