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Company information


Inspired Green Living from Japan

Eco stands for ecology and waza is a Japanese term for techniques or skills. Japan has a unique culture of living in harmony with nature, and also experiences of overcoming industrial pollution. However, the old wisdom and innovations are not known internationally due to language barrier. eco+waza is a collection of green tips and tools that you can use in everyday life. Create a better relationship with nature with green inspirations from Japan!




We will provide a map of the relationship between you and the world, and actual daily tools to help you change your lifestyle. You are the one who will make a change.

Raison d’etre

Eco stands for ecology and waza is a Japanese term for “skill” or “craftsmanship.”
Japanese wisdom to live in harmony with nature is not known
to the rest of the world, due to language and cultural barriers.
eco+waza is a collection of Japanese style green solutions,
from daily tips to actual products.
We wish to be a bridge between small local companies in Japan
and other parts of the world, so the inspiring solutions can be
introduced outside the Japanese islands.
Please contact us for support if you find a product
that inspires your green business.

About company name

Ecotwaza Co., Ltd. wishes to introduce the spirit of living in harmony with nature –ecology, and actual skills to make a change –waza. The “t” in between stands for a plus mark, and in Japanese the sound actually means “and”which explains our logo eco+waza.
We could not find a suitable translation for waza; it is more than just technique, it is not technology, the word brings us images of a craftman’s skilled hand or a spark of idea.


Be passionate

We will only do what cheers up the Earth, our customers and ourselves.

Be the only one

Both as a company and a member, do what nobody else can do.

Think outside the box

We cherish innovative, unique ideas.


Company information

Basic Information

Company Name Ecotwaza Co., Ltd. (eco+waza.com)
Address Tokyo office: #301 Taiyo Mansion 3-20-9 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku Tokyo 151-0051 Japan
Headquarter: 1-16-12 Naka Kunitachi-shi Tokyo 186-0004 Japan
Phone +81(0)3-6447-1087
FAX (domestic only) 050-3488-2603
Founded on 2006.7.7
Capital 11,000,000JPY (as of July 2012)
CEO Reina Otsuka
Business Hours Open Mon. thru Fri. 9am – 6pm
Closed on Sat., Sun., national holidays and for summer/winter vacation.
Businesses Media production / Trade coordination / e-commerce


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10 minutes From Sendagaya Station (JR, single exit) :
Cross the crosswalk in front and walk straight down the road, passing the stadium to your left. You are on the right track if you pass by the Good Morning Cafe, a Lawson and a Doutor Coffee Shop on your right. Hatomori Jinja Shrine will appear on the crossing. Cross the road and still head down straight. Pass by the liquor shop with a bright pink sign, and turn left at the corner of a cafe named Hang Loose. Walk about 100 meters and you will find a building with white walls and blue window fences. Our office is on the third floor. (Sorry no elevator. Please let us know if you need assistance with stairs)
  • 10 minutes from Kokuritsu-Kyogijo Station (Oedo line)
  • 5 minutes from Kita-Sando Station (Fuku-toshin line, exit 2)

From the CEO

Thank you for visiting our website.

2008年7月7日 株式会社エコトワザ 代表取締役 大塚玲奈

To the media

Please contact us through the CONTACT FORM for the following:

Media appearance or speeches by Reina Otsuka (founder/CEO) on ecological movements in Japan, green products or eco-tips, please contact us through the CONTACT FORM.