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9 Months Workshop (place/time TBC)

9 months

THE NEXT 9 MONTHS WILL CREATE THE REST OF YOUR LIFE By john moore associates Time: April 24 (Sun) 13:30-15:30 TBC Place: Shibuya Are you pregnant?  Or soon will be? The next nine months will create the rest of your life and your new babies’ life! It is a vital 9 months. Let’s look at food, sleaping, yoga, stretching, reflexology, relaxing, music and your senses… Did... Read More

What We Can Do to Move Forward


The past few days went by like a haze. Starting from the earthquake experience and the shocking news of a few thousand lives taken,  visuals of the tsunami and the continuous emergencies of Fukushima Nuclear Plant have been on TV, radio and the internet endlessly. The Self Defence Force along with international rescue personnel and emergency vehicles from all over Japan are... Read More

Furoshiki Special Wrapping Workshop May 12


“Furoshiki Wrapping for Special Occasions” Workshop with Isao Yokoyama May 12 (Thu) 17:00-19:00 (TBC) Includes an introduction to traditional patterns, design and colors as well as instruction on advanced furoshiki wrapping techniques, such for gifts. The workshop will look at other uses for furoshiki as well, such as for home decoration or interior design. Fee: 1,000... Read More

Furoshiki 101 Workshop on April 21


Time: April 21 (Thu) 17:00-18:30 Place: Ecoplaza (Hamamatsu-cho) Furoshiki 101: Wrapping for Daily Use with Isao Yokoyama Learn basic and practical ways to use furoshiki, such as ways to make a shopping bag, wrap wine bottles, use as a hat and much more! Fee: 1,000 Yen (to be paid at the door) Limited seats availeble: 15 seats RSVP to info(@)ecotwaza.com!  Read More

Lunch with U.S. Ambassador Roos

Today I was invited to lunch with Ambassador Roos as a reward of the U.S. Ambassador’s Entrepreneurship Award 2010. Amb. Roos was a lawyer in Silicon Valley himself, and based on his experience working with many now-famous ventures from their startups, he gave me inspiring advice on how to build an effective team. My cultural background is a mixture of US and Japan, and I... Read More

Cotton Like Wine

Last weekend I went to an interesting exhibition at 3331 Arts Chiyoda (Suehiro-cho). IKT, a towel company from Imabari, Ehime, released a new line of organic cotton towels called “Cotton Neauvou.” The towel is simple white, marked 2011, and made of organic cotton from Tanzania. The concept of this towel is to enjoy organic cotton just like wine. Wine lovers enjoy the... Read More

Green Lifestyle Party at Oakwood Premier


On September 9th, 2010, a special themed party named “Green Lifestyle @ Oakwood” Night was held at Oakwood Premier Midtown Tokyo in collaboration between Oakwood Tokyo and eco+waza. Green Lifestyle @ Oakwood One of difficulties that a green conscious non-Japanese speaker encounters during his or her stay in Japan may be finding right products that fit his or her standards... Read More

eco+waza Exhibit at WE


eco+waza presents selected green items under three themes starting from Sep. 13th -“Japan, Products and the Environment”- Showcase of green items and “stories beyond” Having experiences in learning two foreign languages, what fascinates me the most even now as a continuous leaner is new perspectives that flow in and insight views that opens up when I use... Read More

The Spirit of MIKOSHI

1 mikoshi

Mikoshi is a beautiful miniature shrine carried by strong men at traditional festivals. We visited MIYAMOTO UNOSUKE SHOTEN to see how ecological philosophy was reflected on this craftwork. Since its establishment in 1861 during the EDO period, Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten has always been the partner of Japanese Festivals. Mikoshi is made by natural materials (wood, lacquer and gold... Read More